Book Reviews: 101 Getting Started, or How the Site came about

So, I have seen a lot of blog sites used to give book reviews, and I keep hearing about all these ‘bloggers’. So being how I am, I wanted to give blogging a try, but what should it be about? How can I keep a blog going, and always have something to post about? Then I realized, I already had the answer…books! I will likely NEVER run out of books to read…my current to read pile will probably take the rest of my life to finish, and that’s just as of now, and I’m only 20, so I should have a long ways to go.

I also need to practice my reviewing anyway, so this gives me a place where I can read any book I like, not just books that fit into groups and categories, and here I can share my thoughts, experiences, and opinions about the books I read. I don’t know if anyone else will read this, if you do, then thank you! But if not, I still plan to write as if someone at some point will read this, if just for the practice.


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