Wednesday’s Weekly Writers (Interview with Alesha Escobar) (Giveaway included!)


Today we have Alesha Escobar here to talk about her latest book, and a giveaway for our readers!

Magic Unveiled: An Anthology

byAlesha Escobar (Goodreads Author),
Samantha LaFantasie (Goodreads Author), H.M. Jones (Goodreads Author), Devorah Fox (Goodreads Author), Raven Oak (Goodreads Author), Jayme Beddingfield (Goodreads Author), Alice Marks, Ronovan Hester (Goodreads Author)
Keith Goodno 

Either the wondrous or the perilous awaits us when we play a hand at magic.

A hard boiled detective chases the supernatural, unveiling a frightening world right alongside modern man’s. A mother, able to grant wishes, shows us we must be careful what we wish for. An African Orisha might just pass you in downtown Los Angeles, eager to siphon some of your energy so that he will not fade out of existence.

From heart wrenching, ghostly goodbyes to relatives, to discovering sparks of otherworldly magic permeating contemporary society, these nine tales of magical realism and paranormal fantasy come together to form this enchanting and gripping anthology.

Magic Unveiled is presented to you by USA Today bestselling author Samantha LaFantasie, Seattle Times and Amazon bestselling author Raven Oak, Amazon bestselling authors Alesha Escobar and Devorah Fox, NIEA Finalist H.M. Jones, Alice Marks, Jayme Beddingfield, Ronovan Hester, and Keith Goodno.


Tell us about your story in the upcoming Magic Unveiled anthology, and why it’s going to affect readers?

My story is “The Black Dagger Gods.” It has a Neil Gaiman “American Gods” feel to it, where the mythical gods of old–Zeus, Dionysus, etc. are walking among modern men, but not quite as powerful and influential in a world of iPhones and advanced medical technology.

My main character is the African Orisha (demigod), Babalu Aye, who’s a healer, and he misses his days of punishing wrongdoers and helping humans. He’s stuck in downtown Los Angeles, running a clinic and clinging to the last bits of people’s belief in him–when he finds out another god has been murdered, and he may be next, it turns his entire world upside down.

This story is going to draw in readers because it has excitement, a murder mystery and a heist, all in an interesting contemporary setting, but with a strong air of magic and myth.

What’s your definition of magical realism (as a genre)? What gives it a unique quality?

I see magical realism stories as ones that convey the underlying magic or supernatural present in what would otherwise be regular and modern settings. I think TV shows like “Supernatural,” for example, contain a lot of magical realism. It’s unique because I feel like it’s a sub-genre of fantasy that’s able to play around more with mixing contemporary life and technology with the magical.

What was the most difficult part about writing or fine-tuning your story?

Interpreting what I think these gods and goddesses would look like–even down to how they’d talk and act, all in today’s world. I loved researching them though, and am pleased with the outcome.

What are the benefits to producing an anthology with other authors?

I love the variety that comes with each story. We have nine stories total in this anthology, some from award-winning and bestselling authors. We all have our unique vision of what a world with magic looks like–and it’s fun! Readers will be able to get a taste of each of our tales, and find ones that resonate with them.

If you could choose to be a character in your short story, you would be…

Freya. She’s got a sword, she’s got fire in her, and she’s ready to fight for what she believes in.

Pick two of your co-authors to have over for dinner. Why?

Ah! Would love to have them all, but if I must choose two…I’d have H.M. Jones, because she has these gorgeous fantasy-themed tattoos running up and down her arm, and I want to live vicariously through her. My second choice would be Samantha LaFantasie because she’s the type of person you could have drinks with–and binge on Netflix with.

Would you rather have immortality or immense power (financial, political)?

Immense power. And I say that with a straight face. If I had the power to make changes in the world, I would want to do a lot of good, help as many people as I can. But I suspect that would require me to be more of an extrovert, and I’m such an introvert who likes to quietly observe.

What can we expect next from you?

I’m outlining an urban fantasy story that just won’t leave me alone, and I’m also working on the screenplay based on my first novel, “The Tower’s Alchemist.” The ebook is always free at Amazon, so I’d love your readers to pick up a copy and let me know what they think!

Where can readers find out more about your books?

The Tower’s Alchemist (Free) at Amazon:

(Below is the giveaway info as well as the information for the Magic Unveiled anthology)

Book Title: Magic Unveiled: An Anthology

Release Date: October 13, 2016

Authors: Raven Oak, Samantha LaFantasie, Alesha Escobar, H.M. Jones, Devorah Fox, Jayme Beddingfield, Alice Marks, Ronovan Hester, Keith Goodno.

Special Pre-Order Price: Only 0.99¢


To celebrate the upcoming release of Magic Unveiled, we’re sponsoring a giveaway! The prize is a Kindle Fire HD tablet.

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