March Book Haul and Reads


I got my very first OwlCrate subscription in march! (I got a Past Box before, but this was the first one the was a complete surprise as to what it contained!) And I loved it!

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I have always had a fascination with pirates and the sea, so this box was a must have for me! Can’t wait for my next book box!


My complete book haul for March! O.O I racked up! (Again sorry about the photo quality, my room is dark, as in it’s been referred to as a cave it’s so dark, and I didn’t want to risk dropping something if I carried it outside, so flash it is 😦 I’ll work on these as I go and hopefully will have more natural light soon!) The books on the right all came together from a PNR(Paranormal romance) giveaway I entered on Instagram! Those on the left are a combination of books I am to review, and library buys. (From Saint up are library buys, below that are review copies!) So I’ve been busy getting to the books I gained last month.

As I am hoping to move next month, I have also put myself on a book ban, only allowing myself a handful of books until the move πŸ˜› (We’ll see how that goes) I did already pre-order my copy of ACOWAR (can’t wait!) So that’s one book that will be reviewed soon! (I plan to drop everything to read it as soon a I get it XD)


Another look at the PNR books! Thanks again to Megan Linski and all the other authors involved! ❀

This book! *le gasp!* Its A-MAZ-ING! LOVE, LOVE, LOVED IT! Oh my goodness this one is my top favorite read this year, (though I'm still holding out for ACOWAR πŸ˜‰) I loved the characters, the plot, the magic, this BOOK! I was worried after seeing so many rave reviews that I wouldn't like it (that's how it often goes) but NOPE! I was shocked by how many recent reads this brought to mind! The plot, and Legend made me think of Stalking Jack the Ripper. Julian made me think of Arin from Winner's Curse. And… There was another but it escapes me at the moment (I will add it when I remember it!) Did it remind anyone else of other books or characters? I loved how it brought to mind some of my favorite books, while remaining deliciously original! I also just had to share these bookmarks I got from @bookmarks_for_kindness aren't they gorgeous?! (I so need Caraval merch now! 😱 πŸ˜‚) #caraval #legend #julian #tella #crimson #scarlett #dreams #nightmares #stephaniegarber @stephanie_garber

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As for my favorite March read…? I have to say Caraval, hands down! It was so good! I’ve been meaning to read it since I came out, as I won a pre-order in January (also where my ACOWAR pre-order came from!) but was kind of affraid to lol. With so many rave reviews I was worried I would be ‘that one’ that didn’t like it. I’m so glad that wasn’t the case, far from it in fact! I loved it so much I ran out and instantly had to order a bookmark for it! (That just arrived last week *eek! fan-girls*


This was a custom order from the wonderful @thebookishfey‘s shop! (Link to her shop)Since I don’t really see many Caraval bookmarks, (or items in general) I had to get something to share my love of this book! (The bookmark also says Caraval on the back, I’ll have to share that soon XD) ‘Welcome, welcome to Caraval’ really stood out to me, and so that’s what decided I wanted on the bookmark. I am so happy with how it turned out, you she defiantly check out her shop! (Plus each bookmark is hand painted and ships free internationally!)


Here is another book I read in March that I loved! This one is unlike any I have read before. A family drama about a young man with a debilitating disease and his relationship with his mother. With a Catholic perspective, follow this family as they seek to save their son, and to help him with his dream of becoming a famous piano player.

How did your March go? Read any fun books, get any exciting bookish items, or books? Hear about a new book you can’t wait to read? Feel free to share down below! I love hearing from my readers!

(Also I plan to make this a monthly thing, as well as get more active and start posting interviews, promo and spotlights, guest posts, and more soon!)


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