My Monday

Hi everyone! So I am trying to find ways to make this blog more personal, and a little more about me. My Monday is a fun way I can do that, and let everyone know a little about what my life looks like week from week! Some is about books, some about work/school etc. and some about just random stuff going on at the time! (Like what I am eating, or any craft I am working on, or plan to! That sort of thing XD) I hope you like it, and hope to get better at these, and talking about myself as this goes on!

So as some of you know I am moving soon! (Yay!) I’m going to a bigger city with not one, but THREE bookstores, and two other places I love to buy books! (A Goodwill and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet love it! <3) So there should be tons of book news coming up! I get the keys Thurday, and I can't wait!

I also snagged a few ARC copies this week! The one I’m most excited about is this one:


Esperanza Bennett, a resourceful fifteen-year-old with an attitude problem, has no choice when her parents decide to move from San Francisco to Mercuria, a wealthy California suburb with the best schools in the state. Her parents can’t afford it and she knows she won’t fit in, but the family needs a fresh start. Soon, Esperanza learns fitting in is the least of her worries. The first friend she meets, Cassandra, seems to be able to read minds and Arden, the troubled heir to the town’s mining fortune and a boy Esperanza can’t stop thinking about, is either a bully she should run from or a savior with a secret. Once Esperanza uncovers the dark history of Mercuria, she races to save the lives of her family and new friends even if her heroic plans might have terrible consequences for her own future.
I found this totally by chance, but can’t wait to read it! My copy should be coming in the mail tomorrow, but since I’m moving, I had it sent to my mom’s house, but I’ll be sure to share as soon as it’s in my hands! (So exciting!) 
 I also got contacted my the manager at the Christian bookstore in town, and I’m super excited to meet him this week, and hopefully will get an interview! (Happy dance) 
Some of you might also know I have started working with RABT Book Promotions part time! I couldn’t be more excited, because I love anything book related, and love being able to help support blog tours! It’s my first bookish job, and really inspired me to focus on book related jobs in the future (hints the Christian book store 😉 They promote all genre and anywhere from self published, to indie and books published by big name publishers!
(Also AUTHORS! Contact me if interested in booking a blog tour, and I’ll let you know what deals they have going for the month! I would love to work with you and see others enjoy your book(s)!) 
I might ask some who asked my about review requests, but I don’t always remember to, so feel free to shoot me an email if your interesting in booking a blog tour or blitz! We’d love to work with you!
 Well that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed this, and can’t wait to come back with more exciting news next week! Feel free to drop a comment below with any questions, or if you just want to talk! Thanks for reading!

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