My Monday #2

Hello, and welcome back to My Monday!

So we finally got moved last week, and I’m getting used to everything. I rode the bus today, so that was interesting. I stopped by the station to get a bus pass (that I won! So it was free!) then walked over to the library for a bit. Since I have so many books already to read, I didn’t pick up any this time, but seen some great books that I would like to read in the future.

I also met a few of the ladies who live close to me on the bus. They told me about a church that I am hoping to start going to.

I also talked to the manager at Lifeway and will hopefully have an interview soon! (Here’s hoping it goes well!)

I’ll try to go to a few other bookstores soon, and will have more updates once I get into a routine down. 

I also got my first mail at my new address, and it was #bookmail! ❤ I'm excited to get back into reading books for review now that I have moved! (It's a pain not having an address to give! O.O)


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