My Monday #7

I already want this week to be over…but here goes.

I went to the library today and picked up some manga XD So I should have some reviews coming up soon! I also have a few library books from before that I am working my way though.

I do to my new psychiatrist tomorrow, which I dread, but I’m hoping he listens and is able to help me, since my meds haven’t been working as well as they should be…ugh. But I have had a few good days, so here’s hoping that I get to feeling better soon!

I also got my order from BookOutlet, and a few books for review! (Yay! #bookmail!)

That’s really all that’s happened in the last week. I get to see my mom tomorrow, and it’s been a few weeks, so I’m happy about that, otherwise it’s a pretty slow week.

Oh! I did get approved for an ARC of Girls Made of Snow and Glass which I’m excited about, along with some books from Penguin’s First to Read ❤

And I got my first letter from my Litsy Penpal! It’s so much fun, and I signed up for a few more, and a bookish gift exchange so I’ll have to share more about that as time goes on! 

Thank you again for reading, hopefully I’ll have more fun stuff to share next week!


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