Shout Out!: Kid Lit Exchange

Β (Picture is not my own, but belongs to the Kid Lit Exchange group)

AH! *fangirls!* I am SO excited to tell you about this amazing group! I found them on instagram last night and it’s perfection! It’s a group of reviewers, mostly teachers, librarians, and parents, but also a few bloggers like me, and they pass around children’s books (from picture books, to middle grade and even YA!) with the hopes of getting the titles and authors more awareness and reviews.

I can’t say enough good things about this idea, but I LOVE it will have to do! I immediately signed up and requested my first book today! I’ll also be sending in some of my own review copies to pass around and share the love! If you think this is something you would enjoy (and who wouldn’t?!) then you can find all the info at @kidlitexchange on Instagram and Twitter!

You have to pay USPS media mail shipping, and have read and reviewed the book(s) requested (if you liked them) preferably 2 weeks (or sooner) after receiving them, but you can control how many are sent to you as you must request each title you are interested it, so it’s only a few dollars per book! A GREAT deal, and it really helps new and lesser known authors and publishers by getting the word around!


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