Blog Tour: Someday, Somewhere

Title: SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE Author: Lindsay Champion Pub. Date: April 3, 2018 Publisher: KCP Loft Formats: Hardcover, eBook Pages: 280 Amazon, B&N, iBooks, TBD, Goodreads   Dominique is a high school junior from a gritty neighborhood in Trenton, where she and her mom are barely getting by. Ben is a musical prodigy from the Upper East... Continue Reading →


Review: Undefinable (Seven Years Gone #2)

Undefinable (Seven Years Gone #2) by Liz Iavorschi-Braun The Choices we make define us, but they have consequences. Ginger must come to grips with the ramifications of her actions, even as she comes into her own. While war looms on the horizon, Ginger learns that freedom, family and love are worth fighting for, regardless of... Continue Reading →


Title: SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE Author: Lindsay Champion Pub. Date: April 3, 2018 Publisher: KCP Loft Formats: Hardcover, eBook Pages: 280 Find it: Amazon, B&N, TBD, Goodreads Dominique is a high school junior from a gritty neighborhood in Trenton, where she and her mom are barely getting by. Ben is a musical prodigy from the Upper East Side, a violinist at a top conservatory with obsessive talent... Continue Reading →


Title: ELECTRIC GARDENS Author: M. Black Pub. Date: March 15, 2018 Publisher: CREATIVIA Pages: 332 Formats: Paperback, eBook Find it: Goodreads In our future, robots known as Tins keep us protected from the floods, fires and diseases of the outside in what are called Compounds. But when the Tins become more our masters than protectors, humans rebel. Lexi019 is turning eighteen, and will... Continue Reading →


Hardcover: 576 pages Publisher: Tor Books (March 27, 2018) Language: English ISBN-10: 0765392461 ISBN-13: 978-0765392466   Praise for THE QUEENS OF INNIS LEAR “I adore this—rich, epic, blood-soaked—a glorious and grand sweeping fantasy.” —Kate Elliott, author of The Poisoned Blade“A gloriously symphonic, thematically rich variation on the story of the daughters of Lear. The danger... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour: The Progeny

Book Details: Book Title: The Progeny: A Novel by Tosca Lee Series: Descendants of the House of Bathory (Book #1) Category: YA Fiction, 352 pages Genre: Thriller, (YA-leaning), Slight paranormal Publisher: Howard Books Release date: May 2016 Tour dates: March 26 to April 13, 2018 Content Rating: PG Book Description: From New York Times bestselling... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour: The Cornelius Saga

**EACH BOOK IN THIS BEST-SELLING SERIES CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE!** Cornelius The Cornelius Saga Book 1 by Tanya R. Taylor Genre: YA Paranormal Mystery ***No cliffhangers in this series.*** No.1 Best-seller "The very first instance of a haunted house story making me cry." - Reviewer Go on a mysterious adventure with Wade and... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour: Dwarves of Calcus

  Dwarves of Calcus (Fairytale Galaxy Chronicles #3) by Katie Hamstead Genre: YA Space Opera/Sci-fi/Fantasy Release Date: March 6th 2018 Curiosity Quills Press Summary from Goodreads: When she was thirteen, Snow Sabbia crash landed on the dwarves' home planet of Calcus. After fleeing from her step-mother's huntsman, seven brother dwarves took her in to hide... Continue Reading →

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