Review: Liornabella

Liornabella (The Viridian Chronicles, #1) by A.E. Outerbridge Turn the page, and allow this tale of mystery, deception, and coming of age to draw you in. Elle, a magnetic seventeen year old, has been accepted to one of the most prestigious schools in the Viridian Isles. A superior athlete who excels academically, Elle has an... Continue Reading →


Sunday’s Spotlight: Children of Daedala

Children of Daedala (Children of Icarus #2) by Caighlan Smith Six months alone in the labyrinth has made her strong. But the search for the exit means gambling on an old ‘friend’ and going against everything she’s been taught to survive. You know the labyrinth will have yet more horrors lurking in its depths. You’ve... Continue Reading →

Review: See Her Run

See Her Run by A.K. Leigh Genre: NA Romantic Suspense Release Date: January 23rd 2018 Summary: See Her Run blends elements of romance, suspense, and psychological thriller in an exploration of life after severe trauma. Diana King arrives in Smithfield, North Carolina as part of her witness protection relocation. After six months of running from her crime boss ex-husband, she is looking... Continue Reading →

Review: Lose Me

Lose Me. by M.C. Frank Jane Austen meets K-drama in this compulsively readable New Adult novel of movie stars, golden beaches and intense romance. "Today is not the day I die." Ari Demos, a half Greek stunt girl, starts her every day with this thought. It's not that her job isn't dangerous, but she's been... Continue Reading →

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