My Monday: 04/30/2018

This week has been busy, and once again it's Monday. I've felt pretty good last week, and am looking forward to May. I'm still not sure if I'm going to have to get a job yet, or if I'll be able to work from home, but I should know soon. In the mean time, I'm... Continue Reading →


April A-Z: Your One & Only

Your One & Only by Adrianne Finlay Jack is a walking fossil. The only human among a sea of clones. It’s been hundreds of years since humanity died off in the slow plague, leaving the clones behind to carry on human existence. Over time they’ve perfected their genes, moving further away from the imperfections of... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour: Road of a Warrior

Road of a Warrior (The Silvan Book II by R.K. Lander Genre: YA Epic Fantasy Release Date: April 28th 2018 Summary: A light in the forest, a king returned, a past to claim … Fel’annár is an immortal half-blood warrior from the Deep Forest, an orphan whose questions were never answered. With a dream of... Continue Reading →

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