My Monday 2/11/19

my Monday

I…didn’t end up making my move official yet. We both have some important Dr. appointments this month, and need to see what the results say before working on finding out where my grandma is going to go. She had nurses visiting and taking care of basic health needs and checking her vitals, but for some reason they won’t be coming any more, we really aren’t sure why they even came if they didn’t tell us how to follow up, or with whom? But yeah…that’s normal for our life.

I did mention to the office when we signed papers though, and they said just to let them know, and that she would be put on a wait-list for a one-bedroom when one opens up if she stays there.

Otherwise not much has happened yet. I spent a week with my grandma, and finally got an appointment for extensive testing for Asperger and other disorders so we will know once and for all, and I might be able to get help with school if I need special arrangements. (such as my own room or possibly a tutor at some point.) I was okay grade wise in college before, but had to deal with unchecked depression, anxiety, and debilitating optical migraines. ((Not a fun combo!)) I’m hoping this time will be much better, and I’ll also be studying in the field I wanted, and working with animals while at school.


Pure Ecstasy

(Pure/ Dark Ones #7)

Publish Date: Feb 13, 2019
Jade: She is a ruthless, cunning vampire queen, the most powerful amongst all the Hives in the world. Beautiful, predatory, and alluringly dangerous, she’s a huntress who revels in blood and sexual pleasure.

Seth: He is calm, cool, and level-headedness personified, as the most effective negotiator and mediator amongst the Pure Ones. Known by the moniker of “Monk,” he thought he could resist any and all temptation.

3 years ago, they made a deal, one that gave the Pure Ones a critical advantage against a deadly foe. But the price he paid still haunts him to this day.

3 years ago, she played a delicious game, not realizing until it was almost too late, how he changed her entire world.

Now, common enemies force their paths to cross again. Only this time, the stakes are higher, the risk is greater, and the love—should they choose to claim it—will be worth every sacrifice.





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