ARC Review: The Storm Runner

The Storm Runner (The Storm Runner #1) by J.C. Cervantes (AKA Jennifer Cervantes) Zane has always enjoyed exploring the dormant volcano near his home in New Mexico, even though hiking it is challenging. He'd much rather hang out there with his dog, Rosie, than go to middle school, where kids call him Sir Limps a... Continue Reading →

ARC Review: Two Dark Reigns

Two Dark Reigns (Three Dark Crowns #3) by Kendare Blake #1 New York Times bestselling author Kendare Blake returns with the highly anticipated third book in the Three Dark Crowns series! Katharine sits on the throne, Mirabella and Arsinoe are in hiding, and an unexpected renegade is about to wage a war of her own.... Continue Reading →

Review: Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 3

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 3 by Kiiro YumiMy rating: 4 of 5 stars In the near future, the federal government creates a committee to rid society of books it deems unsuitable. The libraries vow to protect their collections, and with the help of local governments, form a military group to defend themselves--the Library... Continue Reading →

Review: Assassination Classroom, Vol. 01

Assassination Classroom, Vol. 01 by Yūsei MatsuiMy rating: 5 of 5 stars The students in Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High have a new teacher: an alien octopus with bizarre powers and unlimited strength, who's just destroyed the moon and is threatening to destroy the earth - unless they can kill him first!Meet the would-be... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal: Crash Land on Kurai

Today is the cover reveal for Crash Land on Kurai by SJ Pajonas. This cover reveal is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. I absolutely LOVE this cover, and am so excited to get to share it with you!Crash Land on Kurai (Hikoboshi #1)By SJ PajonasGenre: Science Fiction, Action Adventure, Space OperaAge category: AdultRelease Date: 18... Continue Reading →

Review: Paper and Fire

Paper and Fire by Rachel CaineMy rating: 4 of 5 stars Let the world burn.With an iron fist, the Great Library controls the knowledge of the world, ruthlessly stamping out all rebellion and, in the name of the greater good, forbidding the personal ownership of books.Jess Brightwell has survived his introduction to the sinister, seductive... Continue Reading →

Review: The Winner’s Curse

The Winner's Curse by Marie RutkoskiMy rating: 4 of 5 stars Blurb: Winning what you want may cost you everything you love...As a general’s daughter in a vast empire that revels in war and enslaves those it conquers, seventeen-year-old Kestrel has two choices: she can join the military or get married. But Kestrel has other... Continue Reading →

Review: Seeker

Seeker by Arwen Elys DaytonMy rating: 3 of 5 stars Blurb: The night Quin Kincaid takes her Oath, she will become what she has trained to be her entire life. She will become a Seeker. This is her legacy, and it is an honor.As a Seeker, Quin will fight beside her two closest companions, Shinobu... Continue Reading →

Review: Heir of Fire

 Heir of Fire by Sarah J. MaasMy rating: 4 of 5 stars Blurb: Celaena has survived deadly contests and shattering heartbreak―but at an unspeakable cost. Now, she must travel to a new land to confront her darkest truth . . . a truth about her heritage that could change her life―and her future―forever. Meanwhile, brutal... Continue Reading →

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