My Monday

I haven't done one of these in a while, and really not much has happened or changed lately. With the holidays and a new year, I've been busy, but otherwise things are good, and I'm working toward going back to college in the Fall, and making sure I'm stable enough when the time comes. That... Continue Reading →


December 2018 Wrap-Up (New Year’s Wrap-Up & Life Update)

It's already that time again?! Well I haven't read nearly as much this year as I have the last two years, but that was due largely to my health (especially mental, but also my physical well-being.) If you only care about the 'books I read, etc. part, it's at the bottom 🙂 Also, I know... Continue Reading →

My Monday

I admit, I debated on not writing this post this week, but here I am. *Sigh* It's been another stressful week, but things will get better soon...I hope. This week we have two Thanksgiving Dinners, one in the morning on Thursday for the kids' (my little brother and sister) homeschool co-op meeting. Then that night... Continue Reading →

A Sad Yet Iconic Day for Marvel Fans

(First posted on BookRiot: Stan Lee, Beloved Marvel Co-Creator, Has Died)   Stan Lee, who started Marvel in 1961 with co-creator Jack Kirby, has passed away. Lee died in Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after experiencing multiple illnesses over the past year. His wife, Joan, died in 2017. He was 95. During his long... Continue Reading →

My Monday

-Sigh- What a week. Well, it's not been all bad, but it's been busy, and messy, but productive I hope? Well I've mentioned before about raising rabbits, well we've come to a decision to sell most of our current stock to do some house maintenance in the basement/garage where they live, and to build a... Continue Reading →

Happy Independence Day!

Hope everyone has a great day today! I plan to spend time with family, then curl up with a good book! (Also sorry about not being quite as active, I've been away from home a lot, and starting tomorrow, my step-dad will be home for a week, so I'll try to schedule posts, but can't... Continue Reading →

Happy (Belated) 2nd Blogiversary

So...I started Adventures Thru Wonderland over at Blogger April 6, 2016. And I started my Bookstagram June 15, 2016. While I have a long way to go, and lots to learn, I'm super excited to have made it this far! I also switched to WordPress in January of this year, so I guess that's another... Continue Reading →

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