The Entertainer Book Tag

I was tagged by Bibi @ Bibi's Book Blog for this tag last month, but have been so busy I'm just now getting to it! (Thank you for tagging me!) QUESTIONS FROM SARA   1.Do you have any hobbies aside from reading? Hmm, I do like nature photography and baking, but don't get to do... Continue Reading →


Mid-Year Freakout Tag

ow, this year has flown by! Still, I've gotten loads of reading down, and have read some pretty fantastic books already, and I have even more to look forward too this year! I planned to do this tag anyway, but I stumbled on Kristina @ Books And Dachshunds who tagged anyone who still wanted to... Continue Reading →

Book Lovers’ Tag

Book Lovers' Tag From: 1. Do you have a specific place for reading? I normally read in bed, but as long at it's quiet, I can read almost anywhere. 2. Bookmarks or a Random Piece of Paper?   Haha, I normally use library receipts, since most physical  books I read are from the library. Oddly... Continue Reading →

Anything But Books Tag

Hey guys!! I was tagged by Taiwo @ Stuffed Shelves Site. Name a cartoon that you love Disney, or Anime? XD (Also, I can't name just one!) Disney: Mulan, The Lion King, Brave, How To Train Your Dragon (1&2), Frozen, and Beauty and the Beast. Anime: InuYasha, Bleach, Death Note, Naruto (Especially Shippuden), Tri-Gun, Spirited... Continue Reading →

Norse Mythology Tag

The Rules Link back to my original post on Kyera’s Library so I can see all your answers! (Be sure to do this via pingback, I don’t get notified if you just tag my URL) Thank the person(s) who tagged you…show the community some love! Obviously, come up with your wonderful answers! Don’t forget to tag others... Continue Reading →

Book Blogger Insider Tag

  Thanks so much Nina @ The Cozy Pages for tagging me in the Book Blogger Insider Tag. Rules: 1. Answer the questions below 2. Credit the creator Jamie @ ALittleSliceofJamie 3. Tag at least 5 people 4. Have fun!   1. Where do you typically write your blog posts? Usually at my laptop in my bedroom,... Continue Reading →

This or That Tag

I was tagged by Kris and the creator of this tag is  ayundabhuwana’s blog   QUESTIONS: Reading on the bed or the couch? Normally? Bed Male Main character or female main character? I enjoy both, but if I must choose female. (My favorites have a male AND a female lead) Sweet snacks or salty snacks when your... Continue Reading →

The ‘Future Me’ Tag

I was nominated to do The ‘Future Me’ Tag by Mabeautility who created this tag. The original post by Mabeautility can be found HERE. Thanks Again Mabeautility!! The tag is about your future and what you would like to tell yourself when you are ten years older than your age right now. What the person then needs to know and what do you… Well... Continue Reading →

"Would You Rather Book" Tag!

"Would You Rather Book" Tag! Hey everyone! So I have noticed on so many blogs, the "would you rather" book tag. Since it's been a while since I've done a tag, I thought I would take a whack at it! Enjoy! 1. Rather read only a series or stand-alone books?Series! I rarely read stand-alones, and while I've... Continue Reading →

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